Manufacturing Execution System

Shopfloor Studio

Our solution empowers you to digitalize and automate your operations, giving you complete visibility and control over your manufacturing process.

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Tail down every stage from order placement to shipping confirmation

  • Track production orders, purchases orders and sales orders
  • Track your stock, warehouses and lots
  • Track productivity, quality and wastes

Our Solution

Some of our features

Production Flow Designer

Our production flow designer, allows you to adapt to changes with ease

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Inventory Tracking

Track staged materials and your resources availability

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Scheduled Production

Strategize your time and material resources before they're used

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Quality Control

Get insights on the quality and wastes

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Real-Time Analysis

Get real-time insights into your production flow with our smart data collection

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Our team will help integrating our solution with your current systems

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How it Works

We collect data from your shop floor either through tablets, machines or sensors.

  • Process
  • Plan

    Detect issues and bottlenecks before you create an order

  • Produce

    Track down quality, wastes and productivity issues

  • Profit

    Increase your on-time delivery, minimize costs and never miss a deadline again

Unwavering Support

We're committed to your success from implementation through continuous improvement, offering expert support every step of the way.

Production, Sales, Purchases & Logistics

Manage every stage of your production
  • Production Orders
  • Sales Orders & Purchase Orders
  • Shippings & Receivings
  • Stock Traceability
  • Stock Allocation Management

Analytics, Reports, Custom Dashboards, Production Order Planning, Stock Planning, Material Tracing & Strategized work

  • Real-time Analysis

    You can create your own dashboards and select the exact data KPI's you need to see

  • Generate Reports

    Get reports on productivity, quality, wastes and more!

  • Strategize your decisions

    Forecast your production flow, detect bottlenecks and increase your on time delivery!



Collect accurate data from your production shopfloor
  • Operation Production Flow
  • Shifts & Punchclock Management
  • Material Staging
  • Shippings & Receivings
  • Machines & Automated Machines Integration

Get all of your requirements met!